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About this Signer. OTTO H. Biography show more show less. He became fabulously wealthy, building a vast Long Island estate, Oheka, featuring a room mansion, golf course and private airfield. He was also a generous patron of the arts, serving as Chairman of the Board of the Metropolitan Opera and assisting such talents as Gershwin and Toscanini. His 4-day testimony before the US Senate's Pecora Commission, investigating causes of the Wall Street crash, charmed and disarmed potential critics. Show 30 60 Gift Category.

New York, January 2. To Mr. James B.

Pond, Esq. TLS: " Otto H.

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New York, January New York City, October In full: " Thanks very much for your diplomatic letter re 'The First Mrs. Authenticity Guaranteed COA with every purchase. Submit Offers Get a quick response. Join Our Newsletter Get information on up-coming sales events. Enhance your collecting experience.

Add this definitive guide to historical documents to your purchase. For the experienced and novice collector and for those who just love learning history this beautiful page hardcover volume is for you! When American International Corporation was forming, Kahn took an active part in the negotiations, and brought them to a successful issue.

In , the smooth and affable Kahn successfully disarmed antagonism against members of the banking community during four days of testimony before the United States Senate's Pecora Commission hearings into the Wall Street Crash of The Senate's lead counsel Ferdinand Pecora wrote on page in his memoir Wall Street Under Oath about Otto Kahn: "No suaver, more fluent, and more diplomatic advocate could be conceived.

If anyone could succeed in presenting the customs and functions of the private bankers in a favorable and prepossessing light, it was he. He was a director in numerous corporations, including the Equitable Trust Co. During the last years of Kahn's life he became increasingly frail and suffered from arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure and attacks of angina pectoris. Funeral services were held in the music room of his Long Island estate, followed by a burial in nearby St. John's Memorial Cemetery.


He was also smitten with Hollywood, to which Kuhn Loeb provided much commercial support and Kahn, personal support. In her second full-length film, Be Yourself, Fanny Brice sang a song that mentioned Kahn: "Is something the matter with Otto Kahn, or is something wrong with me?

I wrote a note and told him what a star I would make. He sent it back and marked it "Opened by mistake. Chandler in the stage and film versions of the Marx Brothers's Animal Crackers.


Kahn was chairman of the New York committee of the Shakespeare Tercentenary Financier, Investment Banker, and Philanthropist. Born Otto Hermann Kahn, the 5th of eight children to Jewish parents in Mannheim, Germany, he desired to become a musician, and learned to play several instruments before graduating from his secondary education in Mannheim.


His father had set plans for him to become a banker and at the age of 17, he was placed in a bank at Karlsruhe, Germany as a junior clerk, where he remained for three years. At the age of 21, he served in the Kaiser's hussars, a light cavalry military organization, for a year. After leaving the army, he went to the London, England agency of Deutsche Bank, where he remained five years, displaying such unusual talents that he became second in command when he had been there but a comparatively short time.

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The English mode of life, both political and social, appealed to him, and eventually he became a naturalized British citizen. He was introduced to railroad builder E. Harriman and in spite of sharply defined differences in temperament and method, they became close. Although only 30 years old at the time, he took an almost equal part with Harriman in the gigantic task of reorganizing the Union Pacific Railroad, proving his ability to analyze mathematically and scientifically the problems that were constantly presented.

Kahn, Otto Hermann

His prompt and vigorous action averted an imminent financial panic on several occasions. In he surrendered his British nationality and became a US citizen. In he was successful in disarming antagonism against members of the banking community during four days of testimony before the US Senate's Pecora Commission hearings into the Wall Street Crash of During the last years of his life, he became increasingly frail and suffered from arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure and attacks of angina pectoris.

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An extremely wealthy financier, he supported artists such as poet Hart Crane, music composer and pianist George Gershwin, and orchestra conductor Arturo Toscanini. He died from a massive heart attack in New York City at the age of