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By the words that you wrote you seem to be neither. Do not make excuses for being a small church. The size of your church depends on your ability to spread the gospel.

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By God not speaking to you, you must realize that God has left you or you have left God. Graham has saved more souls than you can begin to fathom. His charitable work is demonstrated in most nations of this world.

I pray that Jesus may once again open your heart and that you may once again communicate with God. Until then I will continue to pray for you and especially for your poor congregation. Hi Kathie!

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Just eant to let you know you are not the only Southern Baptist who believes that this new Christianity is not what we learned as children I am so thankful to God that I was able to learn the true meaning of being a Christian and that the first rule is love everyine as I love myself. I wish Rev Peter was my pastor but alas!

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June, that is plain hateful. I agree with some of Reverend Franklin Grahams views and disagree with him on others. However, I respect his opinion. I am still, and always will be a Christian. One has nothing to do with the other. I do not understand your comment.

Are you saying that because I do not conform to what You think a Christian should be, I am not a Christian? That is so sad June, and wrong. I pray that nobody tries to follow your expectations of what a Christian should be. My Lord and Savior knows my heart. He knows I am a Christian. June, I strive to live my life Christ like, not Christian like. If I live my life Christ like I hold myself to a higher standard. Therefore, everyone knows I am a Christian. Excuse me!

You are being very judgmental! Only God judges people. And I will be saved buy grace and grace alone. Not by good deeds, although I do try to be a good person.

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We are told to obey the law of the land and that we are to come to God of our own choosing. When did Jesus try to have the government change the laws? They state is forcing the bakers to do just that — sin! At least sin as they understand it. It was not about discriminating against anyone. It was about not participating in an even which, in their view, was a desecration of what is sacred. Actually the state or at least the court incorrect ruling in this case IS commanding the bakers to sin.

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Providing a service for a function which contradicts the teachings of Christ on marriage would be, in their eyes and I would agree to partake in a desecration of what is sacred. These same tired arguments were used to discriminate against negro people and to uphold miscegenation laws marrying between races. Jesus said not one thing about homosexuality. There is no sin to bake a cake; but we are a nation bound by laws that protect those who would suffer discrimination.

Nothing that Christ said precluded marriage between races. In fact, Moses wife was black, as was the beloved lady in Song of Solomon. However, Christ DID say that marriage was between one man and one woman. Matthew Marriage, as Christ defined it, is sacred. Very well-written and thought-provoking letter. I love God but boy do I struggle with many of His followers. Listen Peter, I to believe and was taught that people should care about the less fortunate, the persicuted, and victims of sexual discrimination and bullying as I was taught in growing up as a Catholic in a small town.

I am a gay man and proud of it. Why does Frank teach hate to select groups of people? Was Frank taught that from his father? Thank you Peter for your sense of purpose and honesty and for speaking your truth. I am a non-religion good-deed doer. There have only been a few instances in my life that would give me true hope that I could find common interests with the religious agenda. Thank you Peter. Thank you for your letter and for sharing it openly.

Though I no longer am a Christian, I grew up in the Mennonite faith and have family and friends who are still active in those communities. I was raised with those values that sound similar to those you espouse, and I am grateful for my background and the j fkuences it has made in my life. You pose serious challenges to Mr Graham and while I doubt they will influence him, your challenges should not be ignored by the rest of us.

Thank you, indeed. This letter hits the nail right on the head thank Pete for saying what is on a lot of Christians mines concerning faith and the teachings of the Bible. Bravo, Pastor Peter!! You are a true and grace-filled follower of Jesus! Thank you for this inspired message. Love the letter. So says another small town pastor without the money, prestige, and power. Bless you brother. God is with you. This would have been more compelling to me if the tone had not been so condescending. God is the judge. The letter sounds as though scripture has been re-interpreted to meet the needs of the world.

God does not change and neither does scripture. As close to a perfect description of the dismay with Franklin Graham as I have seen.

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Thank you. The Church I serve is just like yours. I am the only full time open communion minister in this rural County. I cannot see any Good News in the proclamations of Franklin Graham. I know however, that I will never reach the numbers of people that Mr. Graham reaches, but that is OK. My ministry is right here, with these people. But I have to admit, that sometimes my work is cleaning up the moral messes that Franklin Graham and his folks are making.

After I leave or die, I trust that God will continue this community, because the people are so good and faithful, even when that goodness and faithfulness has been tested. See you in the Kingdom.

No where does it speak of calling someone out in a public forum or open letter for all to see.