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Naissance de la radiodiffusion en France. Lancement des ondes moyennes en France. Marie-Odile Amaury en prendra alors la direction. Le journaliste Jean Antoine se charge de la transmission. Il y a environ TV noir et blanc en France. En vain.

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Ils perdront la bataille des ondes…. Les voix de la France libre. Les soldats du micro de Radio Londres avaient aussi leurs francs-tireurs.

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Sur votre tombe, si toutefois vous en avez une, il y aura aussi une inscription. This research group aims to bring together researchers whose interest lies in accents, whether national, regional or social, and to create a space of exchange information, analyses, debates , with regards to the social stereotypes, discriminations and other prejudices associated with the perception of accents.

This network was initially launched by researchers working on French accents in Canada and in France, but now sees itself as an inclusive group and welcome researchers interested in other areas or other languages, and coming from various fields not only linguistics, sociolinguistics, phonetics, etc. This blog documents our group's research on the "Provisional Central Power for Germany" in the Revolution of and reports on current developments in historical debate on the Revolution of and its position in the political history of the 19th century. Acides members, coming from the different social sciences, are interested in the evolutions of higher education, in France and worldwide.

We investigate the structures and the funding of Higher education, as well as the curricula, and also the link between two aspects. It disseminates the information about our scientific activities and gathers the written, visual and oral documents of our meetings. With this blog, we would like to present our research on Japanese acrobats who came to work in France and on their imitators We will introduce the evidence and discuss issues such as japonisme, identity and racial discourse. The blog is designed to present the work of the ACTECH project and to illustrate the scientific results and the activities performed to both the academic world and the general public.

It will offer updates about the archaeological mission in northern Jordan JHAS and the outreach activities related to the project. In addition, the blog aims to make the architectural heritage of northern Jordan more widely known to the general international public, on the one hand, and to sensitize the local population to the protection and valorization of their cultural heritage, on the other. Finally, it will be used as a dynamic platform among researchers working on built heritage in the Mediterranean basin from the Roman to the Islamic era; for this reason it is presented in English and Arabic.

The blog will disseminate information from the ActInfo research chair, on the use of information on competetive insurance markets. This notebook is the logbook of the Edmond Rostand public library Paris The library will therefore refound itself around this new fund, which will bring identity and visibility to the institution.

L'objet de ce carnet est donc le texte de Nietzsche. Through transdisciplinary and transnational perspectives, this institute will focus on public and collective action. With this blog, we want to exchange wih researchers, students and everyone who feels concerned with these matters, because we think it is an urgency to open research to all kind of The purpose of this project is to put in place an innovative model focused on the development of competencies for students of the TFG of the Degree in History of Art and of the TFM of the Master in Advanced Methods and Techniques for historical, artistic and geographic location research.


Itinerary of Art History. The aim is to facilitate for interested students some virtual instruments and procedures, which make easier the development and enrichment of their work. This project means to encourage them to introduce virtual reconstructions and interpretations about events and phenomena of art history.

Therefore, we want to provide the TFG and TFM students with some tools and basic knowledge, which can be useful for the presentation of their historical-artistic researches. Actuality of the ancient studies is dedicated to the researches about ancient studies, limited to the Greek and Roman world. It intends to propose a new support in history and archaeology for students and professors to promote the ancient studies by the contribution of resources of valuation and researches.

L'association a pour but de mettre en valeur et en commun les travaux des doctorants du laboratoire. The subject of ADAIR Third Spaces project are the third spaces, an exponential emerging phenomenon barely studied by academic research today. Third spaces are yet a relevant field to investigate new forms of work, of governance, of consumption and of entrepreneurship.


Their impact on territories and their mutations is also a major issue of this research, by understanding in what extent and how third spaces bring a new impulsion to urban development. In a broader perspective, the ADAIR Third Spaces project look into connexions between these hybrid spaces and the physical and symbolic territories they belong to, through innovative art and design based research methods.


The development of services based on distributed architectures is claiming its place among the most important evolutions of the Internet and communication networks in general. This project aims at developing an in-depth knowledge of the issues and questions raised by such architectures in terms of uses, technologies, economic models, rights and norms.

More specifically, the project focuses on systems based on peer-to-peer P2P technologies, in two different cases: Internet-based P2P services for a variety of uses, including information search, storage, sharing or communication; and mobile P2P networks aiming at harnessing contextual resources in communicative environments, in a perspective of ubiquitous computing or resource sharing among co-localised individuals.

It deals with existing research results, produced earlier by the members of the consortium and future results that will be released after common analysis of databasis. Facing climate change, the blog show the way inhabitants cope with flood risk. The blog also offers a bibliography and and up to date state of the art.

Elle est, ensuite, utile aux autres chercheurs, qui peuvent utiliser ce vivier librement. Les radars scientifiques ont pour objectif de rendre les veilles accessibles au plus grand nombre.

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This emblematic ritual rhythm is used in this research blog as a metaphor for religious circulations, ritual embodiments, Atlantic roots, and musical-aesthetical values. This Blog aims at highligting the work conducted at UMR ADES, a interdisciplinary joint research unit active in the field of cultural and forensic anthropology, law, ethics and health issues. Adlige Bildungsideale im Europa des September Jahrhunderts in vergleichender, transfer- sowie beziehungsgeschichtlicher Perspektive befassen. The research group on German-Dutch history runs this international and multilingual blog as a platform for scholars interested in the entangled histories of the Netherlands and Germany during the "long 20th century".

The blog presents the joint activities of the research group as well as the individual research interests of its members. It is especially designed to facilitate the exchange between Post-docs and PhD-students in the periphery with those in the centers of German-Dutch co-operation.

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Since its establishment in , the association gathers researchers, teachers and students interested in Balkan societies, in France and more broadly in the French-speaking space. Thanks to these activities, the association represents an important space of discussion and exchange for different generations of scholars dealing with Balkan societies.

The purpose of the AFEC blog is to disseminate up-to-date information on research in the field of China studies, covering all periods from prehistory to contemporary China, and in all academic disciplines. This site highlights the current research on the study of Environment, Climate and human history during the Quaternary.

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  • Grundlagen des Europäischen Privatrechts (German Edition);
  • Uranium mining in the Southwest: Dealing with its half-life and its role in Leslie Marmon Silkos Ceremony?

He is directly linked to the association AFEQ — CNF INQUA, an interdisciplinary group gathering people from all scientific fields connected to this period archeologists, paleoclimatologists, geographers, geologists, geophysicists, geochemists, paleontologists, paleobotanists, soil scientists, zoologists. This association makes also the link with the international scientific community. This site aims to be a place for exchange between members of the association and a window to adjacent themes through online information conferences, thesis prize, support for students.

This blog highlights the progress of research around the study of environment, climate and human history during the Quaternary. It is directly connected to the association AFEQ - CNF INQUA, a pluridisciplinary and international group gathering scientitists from different fields archaeologists, botanists, climatologists, geographers, geologists, geophysicians, palaeontologists, palynologists, soils scientists and zoologists. This group also promotes a link with the international scientific community of the Quaternary. This scientific blog aims to favor exchanges between the different members of the association with an open window toward neighbouring themes through online informations conferences, phD thesis award, student sponsorship.

The Research group on budgetary matters GRAB - 19thst centuries is an interdisciplinary working group, designed as a forum for exchanges on sources, research methodology and data interpretation, open to all those interested - regardless of their disciplinary background political science, history, law, sociology, economics, etc. This group is intended for public finance specialists as well as for those who focus on the analysis of a specific sector of public action culture, education, environment, justice, health, etc.

This research notebook disseminates, for the benefit of the scientific community and the general public, the proceedings of the GRAB seminar, and various information relating to its activities. It relays scientific actuality and provides methodological tools in the fields of archaeology and history, in order to keep informed the community of africanists and to support PhD students in their research.

By building on a directory of theses and a participative monitoring, it aims to extend the network of researchers and to foster exchanges. This blog is dedicated to the pre-modern history of Eastern Africa, with special regard to cultural exchange both within this area and with other areas, such as the Mediterranean, the Near East, and northwestern Europe. Bringing together historians, art historians, archeologists, and anthropologists, the blog takes a multidisciplinary and comparative perspective.

APAR status

Contributions linking the pre-colonial with more recent periods are equally welcome. These researchers chose to examine, in a comparative perspective and multidisciplinary social transformation in Africa and elsewhere. In add to the official site of the AFS French sociological association and its peer-reviewed journal Socio-logos , this blog aims to be a forum for sharing and communicating sociologically relevant ideas and views.

The AFS, founded in , is open to all sociologists working in France, whatever their status. It seeks to organize and to represent the discipline. At present the association counts over 1, members, involved into forty thematic networks and ten thematic groups. It means to promote the research and the diffusion of knowledge in the fields of sociology and other scientific approches of religion. Few aspects of the post-WWII world were unmarked by the ideological, cultural, political and economic confrontations of the Cold War.