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The lonely snowman.

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Disney: Storybook Collection Advent Calendar. Add to list. Theodore B. The Lonely Snowman Early one cold December morning, after a blizzard the night before, a mother, father and their two children, a son and daughter, went outside into the back garden to play in the newly settled snow. Mother was still in her early 20's, she had curly brown hair with light green eyes and a light complexion, father was two years older then mother, quite a stocky man, who would always have his hair combed over to the left, his eyes were a strange dark blue.

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Their son was only seven, he would wake up in the morning and try style his light brown hair like his fathers but like his mother he had light green eyes and her complexion, he was born two minutes before his sister who's hair was only slightly curly. Their daughter had light blue eyes which they believed would grow darker like her fathers but she was smaller then her brother and always liked to wear a french beret.

A few hours passed as they played before mother called "children would you like to make a snowman", with great joy and excitement the children happily agreed.

Father rushed indoors grabbing his old hat, a spare scarf that had been knitted for him by his sister, a carrot and a couple of buttons. When he came back out the children were already trying to roll the snow into a large ball for the snowman's base, father laughing decided to help out and put the stuff down before quickly rushing over to lend his hand. Mother was on the phone but soon put it away as the children and father decided to drop a load of snow over her, they ran around the snowman's base, mother giggling like a young girl again, father chuckling with his deep voice, the children again started to try roll the next ball for the snowman's top half.

Mother and father seeing this began to help the young children who were determined to make the snowman, finally they were done with the base for their snowman, "can we put on the hat and scarf dad, please" pleaded the children, "Of course" chuckled father as he pulled mother closer to embrace her in a passionate kiss, as everything for him felt perfect, he had his beautiful wife, he's loving children and they all worked so well together. It wasn't hard to see mothers joy as she smiled continuously at her beautiful babies working away with merriment.

A lonely snowman story

The children were just about able to get the scarf on but where unable to reach the head to put the hat on the snowman, father seeing this laughed a little before picking up the boy so he could reach the snowman's head. Mother picked up the buttons and carrot, placing them on the snowman to make his eyes and nose, the children scurried off before returning with three sticks, two the same size and one a lot shorter, they placed the two sticks on the sides of the snowman to create arms and father bent the smaller one to make the snowman's smile.

They all stood back, father embracing mother and the two children stood in front, all admiring their labour of love, before heading back inside to have lunch.

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What they hadn't realised is that their pure love and passion had rubbed off on the snowman bringing him to life, he stood their for a moment his heart filled with so much happiness and compassion, he felt like part of the family and all he knew was love, but thats all he felt he needed. Everyday for a week after that the kids and sometimes mother and father would come out to play, always greeting the snowman, the children would run around him and talk to him sometimes, which mother and father found funny, but the snowman was joyous that they appreciated him so much and that they loved him, he was truly contempt.

Then a great blizzard came and the children weren't allowed outside to play, but the snowman stood in the same place waiting, knowing that they would eventually come back to play with him. A day went by, then another, then a week, then two weeks, still no-one came outside to visit the snowman, but he was sure they would eventually.

Almost a month passed before the children returned to play, the snowman's heart was uplifted to see the children's happy faces headed his way, but they passed right past him without a single glance in his direction, he heart sunk, 'why aren't they coming to play by me? He watched and waited for them to come and play by him or greet him but they didn't Everyday after that when they would come out to play his heart would rise as they got close but sink again as they went on with their fun leaving him to stand in his corner of the garden.