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LisaLTucker Excellent presentation! Thank you for the tips to make virtual learning environments more engaging! No Downloads.

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Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. Echoing the principles of user-centred design, if you know your audience, you can better frame the questions you ask them in the workshop. In a conversation, silence is often a sign that nothing is happening.

Facilitator Guidelines

During my workshop there were long pauses of silence, which I initially took this as a sign that the audience was finding it hard to generate ideas, or had finished taking notes. I continually felt the need to jump in and say something, but eventually realised that in fact the complete opposite was happening—their creative juices were flowing. When Matt was taking me through an overview of the workshop he told me to have a closing summary. All that was offered in terms of a closing summary was a Thanks and a Goodbye.

It can be confusing for audience members to come out of a workshop without a sense of progress and clear next actions. Your participants should be given a summary of the workshop outcomes, information about how the activity results will be used, and what is expected from them moving forward. By having a closing summary we give context and closure to the workshop attendees.

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Our nervousness comes from the fact that we think we will fail. Instead of fighting or worrying about your nerves, embrace them, and transform that nervous energy into positive energy. Enjoy the thrill of being in the spotlight, smile, and focus on keeping things upbeat, and your workshop will be enjoyable for the attendees as well as for you. Overall, my experience as a first-time workshop facilitator was great.

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No article can substitute the real deal of facilitating a workshop. Get yourself out there and gain some first-hand experience.

Presentation Dos and Don'ts

Make mistakes and learn from them. A huge thanks to Matt and Luke for giving me the chance to learn. In his spare time, he loves playing the guitar and making furniture. Very useful article Ben. I am going to have my 1st empathy mapping workshop shortly and your article will really prove helpful for me.

Reading your thoughts was soothing! Really nice tips, i will have my first time co-facilitator but truly i am so nervous and do not think i can do it. Thanks a lot Ben, am preparing to facilitate in a seminar for the first time so reading from you , makes me equipped. How do I facilitate without teaching?!?

7 Tips For First-time Facilitators

I have no idea if anyone else on the course has ever studied music at all, or what an MRI not the medical one is. There are a few cool ideas like seating them in a round circle, and having them write three things down, 2 true 1 false, about themselves and read it out. Your email address will not be published. More articles on this topic:. Looking to Dip your Toes in UX?