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The ideal age to begin house training a puppy is between 8 and 12 weeks old. This is not always feasible, especially if you choose to adopt an older dog. Or the dog could have been an outside dog in his prior home, or perhaps he has anxiety or other physical or emotional issues that cause him to potty in the house. These factors can make house training difficult, to say the least.

But with consistency, most dogs still catch on relatively quickly. If your dog seems to be a little slow, just continue to be persistent and patient. He may need a little extra time and attention, but he will get there.

How to Potty Train A Dog - Whole Dog Journal

Some pups can take as long as a year to be fully housebroken, and every dog is unique. Of course, there are ways that you can help speed up the process, but it really depends on you, and how diligent you are in training. Some dogs may have trouble picking things up, making the process take much longer than it might with another dog. Though puppy pads can be used to help train your pup faster, remember that you are teaching him a two-part process. Once you teach him to go on the pad, you can keep moving it closer to the door, until eventually you can begin to train him to go outside.

However, this can become confusing for your pooch, so it is usually easier to just teach him what you want him to do the first time around. Another thing to note is that though puppy pads can make the cleanup of messes easier, it can be more expensive. Pups love to shred things, including those lovely puppy pee pads you spend so much money on. Of course, during house training, you will need a break or two. Your pup also needs plenty of rest. Crates are good because you can put your puppy in for a nap, and it will help to keep him confined and limit any accidents in your home.

Crates are also good to keep your pup safe if he is a little explorer and likes to get into trouble, especially when you are unable to keep a close eye on him. Keep in mind that you want the crate to be small enough for your dog to choose to resist the urge to soil in it. There should be just enough room to sit up, stand up, and move around, or turn around in a small circle.

If you make it any bigger, he may soil his bed. Your dog will then just make a place to sleep on the other side crate, away from his mess.

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Then as soon as you let your pup out of his crate, take him outside to where he is supposed to go, every single time. To make the housetraining process as quick as possible, your dog will require constant supervision. This is great if you stay at home or work from home, if you are retired, or if you can take some time off to stay home and spend it house training your pup. Unfortunately, even if you stay at home to do this, the method is not foolproof. It can be harder, because you must stay on top of your dog and be absolutely consistent.

Puppy Potty Training Tips to Avoid Accidents in the Home

If you miss the signs and they have multiple accidents, you could be accidentally training them go potty in your house. Another tip to keep in mind is every time you take your dog out, make sure your trip outside has a purpose. Limit your trip outside to only going potty.

If you all say it just a little bit differently, your dog will become confused and not understand what behavior is desired. As soon as your dog goes to the bathroom outside, praise him and then come right back in.

Cues for dogs need to be clear and unambiguous for them to be learned properly and obeyed. Much like rules need to be clear-cut with humans! Even after all your efforts at house training, if an accident occurs, remember not to punish your pup. The only thing you will succeed in doing is making your dog scared of you and give him anxiety.

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  • Pups, much like toddlers, rarely think about what they did five minutes ago. Owners that pay close attention to their puppy will notice a potty pattern right away, and can take him out and prevent most accidents. Another tip is to pay attention to the minute rule.

    With the minute rule, whenever your pup does something like drink or eat, play or wake from sleep, he needs to go outside sooner rather than later, ideally within 15 minutes of the activity to avoid an accident.

    Rule Out Medical Problems First

    They tend to get better at it as they get older. The younger your dog is the more often you should take him out. A good benchmark is roughly every one to two hours. If you notice that your pup seems to have trouble holding his bladder no matter what you do or how consistent you are, you might have to see the vet. There could be an underlying medical cause you are unaware of. For instance, he might be allowed to hang out in the kitchen. Read more Read less. Save Extra with 4 offers.

    Tips to House Train Your Dog Faster

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    Verified Purchase. Doug knows what he is talking about! I've worked around dogs for 25 years professionally and know what I'm saying. Train your dog right the first time and buy this book. Clear, simple guide to housebreaking. We have been implementing these ideas and we are make progress. Housebreaking is a challenge, but these ideas work.

    Has some good ideas I had not read elsewhere but misses other specifics. Good as a supplement to other books.