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Pieces of Me Songtext

People came up to me afterward and said, "I didn't know you could sing like that.

Andrew Laureth - Pieces of me (Official Video)

I know 'Could've Been' is an amazing song, and I knew you had the chops, but I didn't know you had these chops. For the kid in me that had a rockier edge and wanted to be Stevie Nicks, it's been fulfilling that I've met Dave Navarro and Dave Grohl, these amazing artists that have given encouragement … Stevie Nicks, too. It means so much to me.

Plus: a new collab with New Kids on the Block ahead of their joint 12222 tour.

I'm not happy being old-school Tiffany. No offense, I love that I will always do the hits in my shows, because they're great songs, but from that, I've learned to write songs. It really made me raise the bar. Maybe that's partly why this album came about now. You get to a point where you want to do things for you. There was no, "let's not try it. We didn't have to make them work; they just worked.

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The juices just started flowing. Everybody found their places.

It was magical to be a part of something like that. I think this album is the most vulnerable I've been on. I'm about to embrace the world as a newly-separated person [from her second husband]. It's a new journey for me. I don't know what around the corner holds.

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  7. I'm starting over, I'm readjusting, without people that I thought would be here in my life. So, I wrote a lot about this.

    Tiffany on Returning to Her Rock Roots: 'I'm Opening Doors and Knocking Down Walls' | Billboard

    Yeah, music is really that. Everyone puts their heart and soul into music. Straight-up pop musicians, who don't even write … I don't think they just go in and record a song and tour behind it and not have a connection. I feel like good things come from that.

    Compartir 'Pieces Of Me'

    You're willing to expose a little bit more. No one's going to think you're strange or weird. It'll be, "I get what you're writing about. It seems like with A Million Miles and now Pieces of Me , we're hearing more, in the past two years, of who you are on a deeper level than ever before.

    Piece of Me (Britney Spears song)

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