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At the beginning of World War I Le Queux became convinced that the Germans were out to get him for "rumbling their schemes" and from then on became involved in a continual struggle with his local police force and the Metropolitan Police over his request for special protection from German agents.

The authorities, however, in the words of Edward Henry head of the Metropolitan Police saw him as "not a person to be taken seriously" and saw no need to fulfill his request. Le Queux was interested in radio communication; he was a member of the Institute of Radio Engineers and carried out some radio experiments in in Switzerland with Dr.

Petit Pierre and Max Amstutz.

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That same year he was elected the first President of the Hastings, St. Le Queux was eager to help Baird with his television experiments but said that all his money was tied up in Switzerland.

He did however write an article, Television-a fact which appeared in the Radio Times in April which praised Baird's efforts. Apart from fiction, Le Queux also wrote extensively on wireless broadcasting, produced various travel works including An Observer in the Near East and several short books on Switzerland, and wrote an unrevealing and often misleading autobiography, Things I Know about Kings, Celebrities and Crooks The latter contains, among other fantastic stories, the claim by Le Queux that he saw a manuscript in French written by Rasputin stating that Jack the Ripper was a Russian doctor named Alexander Pedachenko who committed the murders to confuse and ridicule Scotland Yard.


Le Queux wrote novels dealing with international intrigue, as well as books warning of Britain's vulnerability to European invasion before World War I: [10]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. William Tufnell Le Queux. Who's Who. Spiridon, Spyridon, and Spridion are different renderings of the same Greek name.


Pictures reproduced from famous paintings. Chicago: Stanton and Van Vliet.

MTG - Nicol Bolas vs Chandra : Planeswalker Deck Battle of Champions! - "The Mana Cave" (Ep.112)

The Stanford Companion to Victorian Fiction. Stanford University Press. November Science Fiction Studies.

Paria (Pulp Master) (German Edition)

DePauw University. Retrieved 14 August Barbe The Origins of the Vigilant State.

John Logie Baird: Television Pioneer. Jack the Ripper: The Facts. If a letter cannot be translated a " " will appear in the output. The "play", "pause", "stop" and "loop" buttons control the playback.

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