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Ten meters. A black-suited woman moved toward him, her long black hair fluttering slowly in the six-tenths gee gravity of Wiggles. Her arms swung casually at her side. Her eyes—her needful jade green eyes fixed on him. Eight meters. A serious look filled her pale white face. Her head canted forward a bit, implying determination. An almost human woman approached. Six meters. Was she really human? Or punish her with sadistic lashes from a neurowhip? Perhaps she was the cyborg vessel for a self-aware, silicon-germanium supercomputer from a far star system, who figured it needed an organic form while slumming among organics?

Or perhaps she was just a mindless biological Remote filled with plague spores, built according to a convenient bipedal form, and programmed to seek out and infect carbon-based lifeforms similar to the original genome pattern? Such things existed in the Anarchate. The options for Hunter-Killer weapons systems are not limited to the electronic, photonic and inorganic.

Four meters. She slowed, blinking long black eyelashes. She spoke. Ancient Greek.

Three meters. She stopped, swaying slightly in the weak gee-field of Wiggles. Bare hands stayed at her side. His displays keened with Threat Readiness signals. Suit hungered to attack her! Matt blinked a code sequence. Suit Locked-On a single laser pulse-cannon, centering it between her eyes. They were deliciously green—as nearly as he could see in flickering orange light of the dive.

Her hair glimmered with an ebony black luster. And her skin shone alabaster white—where it showed outside her vacsuit. An albino! Or, a partial one since her hair and eyes were naturally colored. Identify yourself. His faceplate display tracked an increase in double-heart pulse rates.

Anarchate Vigilante (Vigilante Series, #4)

Carbon dioxide exhalations increased slightly. Muscle tension changed a bit.

Cheek muscles tightened. Minor facial tics showed on her right jaw.

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Under the vacsuit, full breasts rose and fell regularly, not yet showing the rapid breathing of worry-threat-danger. My Work Sigil is Molecular Geneticist. That explained the albino skin that happened when species crossbred. But what was her purpose? Each shoulder blade was covered by a cylindrical lump. Lower down, and just above the trim buttocks, lay a coiled bulge. Was it the vestigial tail of the Derindl arboreal dwellers? Either that, or a clever imitation to fit a totally false story.

Matt double-blinked and took a Threat assessment of her back. The right quadrant showed only small, pressurized oxygen canisters riding over her shoulder blades, a heat si gnature denoting both hearts and the groin, and no weapons other than the laser handgun and machete. She was remarkably under-weaponed for a place like Hagonar Station.

Did she have capabilities unknown to him? Or was she an innocent abroad, unaware of the dangers at Hagonar?