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If, like me, you're going away in a few weeks time and are looking for the next read to take with you, or if you have already been indulging in some holiday reading, this is the place to share! Only one book to recommend this month. It's been a busy time altogether. The rest of July was spent madly writing. It's a YA that won the Newberry Medal a few years back. A princess despised and distrusted by her people steps outside their expectations and becomes a strong and magical warrior who saves the kingdom.

The book is about choices and strength and what these cost. A lovely book. And I watched movies on the plane! The heroine is a very good, very determined cop which gives a nice spin on the usual types of humor found in hapless female detective stories. But Duran pulls out ALL the stops. She beats this once-decent guy into a puling lump, then torments her innocent heroine beyond reason.

Even though I was fully prepared to laugh at the preposterous setup, Duran made me root for both of them. Her emotional and descriptive writing twists the heart and keeps the pages turning. Off the Reservation , Glen Merzer—if you want a novel that literally goes off the deep end on satirizing politics, try this one. The protag is a Congressman who grabs attention by saying just what he pleases and turns his lunacy into a campaign platform, while claiming over-population is the root of all problems and that there are no solutions.

The way to bring honesty back to politics! Nicola here, talking today about the influence of Dr John Radcliffe on the beautiful city of Oxford. Dr John Radcliffe was an English physician, politician and academic. He was born in in Yorkshire and educated at Oxford University from the age of He rose to become court physician to William and Mary and is buried in Oxford.

Joanna here. I've posted before with all my thoughts and beliefs and outright speculation that Regency folk of the middling and upper sorts were probably as cleanly and nice smelling as most folks nowadays. That is not an impeccable standard, as anyone who takes public transportation will testify. But it's also not the universal reek-to-heaven some folks think it must be. So let's wander into the question of oral hygiene, shall we? What did Regency folk use as toothbrushes? They used toothbrushes.

Taking into account the sad fact that our Regency folk didn't have plastic and were therefore unable to make their dental implements in screaming magenta and electric green stripes, they still did pretty well. The handles were ivory, wood, or bone, carved for a firm yet graceful grip.

Nicola here! A recent poll of people aimed to make a list of all the simple things in life that make us happy. At number 1 was one of my own favourites, a freshly made bed.

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I confess I iron all my bedding because I enjoy the lovely cool, smooth feel of freshly laundered bed linen so much. In the past I suspect that the enjoyment of beautifully laundered bed linen must have been the privilege of the rich, those people who had a laundry and maids to deal with all their washing, drying and ironing. By Mary Jo.

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  2. The Grace Goes With the Chair: A Journey in Leadership.
  3. Artemis Fowl - Das Zeitparadox: Der sechste Roman (Ein Artemis-Fowl-Roman) (German Edition)!
  4. Iñárritu - Der Film Babel: Filmisch, literarisch, narrativ: Zwischen Engeln und Parasiten, zwischen Sprache und Stille (German Edition).

It's a great read, with romance, suspense, and even medical matters of the time. There's more about the Rogues here. JB : As best I can tell. The first book came out in , which means 24 years. The characters have covered three years in fifteen books. JB : I completed the stories of the 10 surviving members of the Company of Rogues in To Rescue a Rogue , but I've written spin-off characters along the way.

We authors are so carelessly cruel. Roger joined the army and was killed in Spain. My seed catalogs have arrived. This is the first sign of spring for me — not a sighting of the first robin — the sighting of the first seed catalogs. I live on stony, steep ground here and grow my plants in a few miserable little pots.

But I dream with these catalogs. Anyhow, this got me thinking about woman gardeners in or so. About at this time botany got an intellectual boots with the Linnaean system of plant classification. They began collecting plants and writing about them. I delight to imagine the glasshouses filled with interesting specimens and women tending and caring for them.

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Studying them. Learning how to grow the most troublesome of their charges. Describing the exotics. Not that it was easy for them to be taken seriously. The actual tilling of soil and sowing of seed, digging holes for the odd tree or bush, and pruning of ornamental shrubbery on an estate would fall to a band of hearty young men. The lady of the house would be in the enviable position of strolling through the aspen-studded woodland, past the ha-ha, and along the herbaceous border pointing out to Old Mr.

Grim the Head Gardener where to put yellow tulips. It would be three or four generations past before kneeling down and weeding the bed of mangelwurzels would be considered a proper hobby for the well-to-do. Now you know. Now me, I like to get my hands in the soil and somewhat pity those distant forebearers who never had this pleasure.

It's part of what I anticipate in the early days of spring. Like today. What are you looking forward to with your plants this spring? Anything new and fun? Mary Jo Putney: Dearly Beloved. Nicola Cornick: The Woman in the Lake. Nicola Cornick: The Phantom Tree. Jo Beverley: Three Heroes.

Nicola Cornick: House of Shadows. Jo Beverley: Regency Valentines. Jo Beverley: The Shattered Rose.

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Wenches Statistics Years published - Might be grain. Might be table crumbs. The Northern Lights! Lessons in Longitude Andrea here , thinking about. Through the Looking Glass. Return of Lady Arianna! The living room SA Hunter. Quite a nice tank, assuming it is not mad at you. The lovely river in Cherokee all these are photocredit SA Hunter.

A bear outside the Cherokee Museum. Not a real bear. One of the Cherokee dancers.