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Shanghai Scientific and Technological Literature Publishing House

Emerald E-series books had Business Administration and Economics and Social Sciences , containing more than thematic categories. The NLC has subscribed 1, virtual reference books, covering 17 subjects. Appendix: Book List. KluwerLaw Online The database has collected 21 titles of academic periodicals on law and 42 titles of law leaflets, containing hundreds of thousands of full-text periodicals and more than 50, cases from 60 countries, which involve law theory, constitution, administrative law, civil law, intellectual property, criminal law, procedural law, economic law, financial law, international trade law, comparative law, environmental law, tax law, legal practice, legal instruments, writing, law reference books and so on.

The collection covers business, finance, social environment, politics, trade, transportation and other fields. The database covers 99 fields in law, related to all aspects of the Anglo-American legal systems. NetLibrary E-books NetLibrary is the earliest E-books producer and provider in the world, having more than , titles of E-books in western languages from publishing houses, covering all categories and all subjects.

Over 20, titles are increased yearly. Besides, 3, titles of copyright-free E-books can be access online free of charge. Readers can browse all subscribed books by clicking "eBooks", while browse all free books by clicking "Publicly-Accessible eBooks". Chinese Studies Classics.

Apabi E-books. The National Library of China holds approximately , volumes of e-books in , titles and more than 1, titles of yearbooks made by Beijing Founder Electronics Co. Reading China: Recommended contemporary literary works digital. It selects about pieces of literary works since the founding of China, covering representative works of contemporary literature, such as awarded works of Mao Dun Literary Prize, Lu Xun Literary Prize, and so on. Electronic Comics Database. It has collected about 4, domestic and overseas comics, which are made by comic studios or adapted by hot cartoon plot, and presented in original appearances.

Chinese Digital Comics Database. Pishu Database. It has collected scientific research achievements of thousands of scholars from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in the past 20 years, covering more than industries, regions and fields.

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Si Bu Cong Kan. It collects titles of ancient books and manuscripts from Song, Yuan and Ming Dynasties.

Chinese Literature Books

Si Bu Cong Kan supplement. Besides the contents of Si Bu Cong Kan including titles of classics , the database increases Si Bu Bei Yao including titles of classics , totaling titles of classics. The Collection of Documents on Taiwan. It is co-published by Jiuzhoudao Press and Xiamen University Press, which collects about pieces of historical documents on Taiwan preserved in libraries, archives and among the people in the Mainland, totaling 0.

Database of Chinese Classic Ancient Books. The database includes masterpieces, basic documents and special works from Qin Dynasty to the Republic of China, totaling 10, titles of books , volumes , 12, editions , volumes , and 1. Bao Juan Xin Ji. It has collected about titles of Bao Juan circulated among the people from late Yuan Dynasty to the beginning of the Republic of China.

Chinese Series Books Database. The database has selected series of books with high literature value and edition value, including 10, titles of classics, and over 1. The Complete Books of Taoism. It has collected 2, titles of classics about Taoism. Dunhuang Documents Database. It has collected 3, pieces of Chinese document scattered in Britain, France, Russia, and so on. Supplements to the Twenty-five Histories. It has collected titles of works before , which supplement the Twenty-five Histories. Ming and Qing Historiography. It contains Ming Historiography and Qing Historiography.

Chinese Chronicles Database.

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It has collected about 10, titles of chronicles from Han and Wei Dynasties to the Republic of China, totaling more than 2 billion characters and 10 million pages. Quan Si Ku. It has collected more than , titles of books, covering each discipline for online reading. Minguo Books.

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The database has had 15, titles of full-text image resources of Minguo Books. Methods: Published collections of books and compilation works that contain substantial samples of traditional literature on Chinese herbal medicine were located via internet, library, and bookshop searches. These sources were compared in terms of scope, size, content, and ease of searching. Results: The fourteen included collections varied considerably in scope, format, probity of included material, and accessibility. Zhong Yi Fang Ji Da Ci Dian is an edited collection that is highly accessible because it is well-indexed with respect to herbal formulas and disorders.

Approaches to Traditional Chinese Medical Literature

However, neither collection provides detailed bibliographic information on their included books. A collection that combines convenient search options with high quality bibliographic data is Si Ku Yi Xue Cong Shu The Four Treasuries of Medical Works , but having only titles, this is one of the smaller collections.

Conclusions: A two-stage process for systematic searches is suggested. Large indexed compendia such as Zhong Yi Fang Ji Da Ci Dian or electronic resources such as Zhong Hua Yi Dian can be used to locate citations, and this can be followed by crossreferencing to authenticated editions of the books to verify the retrieved information. Login to your account Username. Forgot password? Keep me logged in. New User.

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