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Last pictures are from Vienna museum of Habsburg treasure. We worked on this pictures and different paintings. Buttons are "only" years old. Golden Fleece is not included in price, we cannot have the same.

La poche passepoillée.

Austrian Iron Crown is included in price, but we did not sew it because our customer will use this jacket for Rueil Malmaison re enactment, and before end of 1st French Empire, this decoration did not exist! Price includes: Embroidered jacket with 4 decorations: Hat with plume: We saw this uniform with different plumes, one white, but also one that seemed to be black, but could also be very dark green. Of course we could also do it in these colours. Sash Trousers: Grand cordon red and white without jewel: In silver, could fit for instance to Gourgaud who was the first "officier d'ordonnance de l'Empereur" to be colonel.

Obligation for mayor from second empire till beginning of third republic A young mayor want to introduce it again Aimons-le dans sa renaissance. Orange ribbon with green border, mm large, cm long. Colour is the exact colour, compared with original ribbons protected from light. We cleaned three types that we provide, third item on global picture is the one described as "Arms trophy with big quiver".

We usually deliver it as on other pictures, you can clean it or not, depending of the use. Silver epaulette, body represents fish scales. Grenade on buckler. Big torsades on one side and none on other is specific to captain or lieutanant. We can of course make same type of epaulettes for other ranks. Length ,5 cm Blade 96,5 cm Weight:1,7 Kg! For cuirassiers. Good sabre from very beginning of second restoration, stamped ! Total length: cm, blade length 96 cm.

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Weight gr. Many stamps and engravings On blade: "Manuf royale du Klingenthal juillet ". On entry of scabbard: B On guard: 3 stamps: one F topped with a crown in an oval, one B topped with a star, number 48, another one vanishing. Peak of the blade in the middle of blade. At the end of Empire, soldiers were sent back home and paid half of what they received when they were soldiers demi solde.

They liked to show that they still loved the emperor and used to sew at least one button of this type on their jackets. Diameter 25 mm, cupper slightly silverplated. Michel Petard is a famous author who published most complete books about military eqipements and sabres from to We had the opportunity, meeting him, to propose some of his books. This opus is dedicated to swords and sabres used in french cavalry from Empire till now.

Only scabbard is different, made with brass and leather. Brass handle. Cord in bad condition. Just one for sale. Not described in regulation, but it existed, one pair like this one was sold some years ago in an auction. Symbols of the grade on the "greek shield", made in golden thread. Caution, this price is for a mximum waist size of cm, if more, you will have to pay an extra cost. Extremities are 19 cm high, including fringes 12 cm high with 2 different diametres.

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Brass gorget with a silver plated eagle inside a laurel crown, horn or eagle in horn for "voltigeurs", grenade for "grenadier", anchor for marine or eagle on canons for artillery. Most common types are made in series in Asia eagle , some others are made one by one in France, and then silverplated Coat made in melton and velvet. Hat: melton, velvet and ostrich feathers. Epaulette with thin fringes. Lining can be also in different colours. Delivery within 2 months. Fringes length: 5,5 cm. This type of sword appeared before revolution and was still used after Empire. We found a nice genuine sword without scabbard, engraved eagle on blade have been erased 2 centuries ago.

We made a new scabbard to use this sword in re enactment. Outside aspect is nice and you will have no anxiety to use an original and fragile scabbard. Total length with scabbard: cm. Blade 83 cm. Very nice sample of Napoleonic sword of second Empire. For officer or high administration. Thunder on pommel is the symbol of staff officers Branch with bees indicating empire period. Blade with stitchings mm. On one side IGB, on the other side some text hidden by guard Total length 89 cm Bronze, ebony Pommel with bee typical of second empire.

Mother of pearl in perfect condition. Total length 91 cm. Length cm, blade 87 cm. Wood, bronze, blade"Coulaux et Cie, Klingenthal". Chiselled and silverplated brass. Imperial eagle on front Handle in excellent condition, including mother of pearl as new. Total length 94 cm. Button is functionnal.

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Total length 93 cm, blade 80 cm. No scabbard, good condition except swordknot very oxydized. Nice sword with his chiseled guard showing flowers, bearded faces and Nice blue and gold blade signed by S and K of Solingen. Leather and lower extremity of scabbard remade. Entry of scabbard slightly folded Length 94 cm, blade 82 cm.

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Very good condition! Complete description in french on certificate, you can increase size of it;. Made in last third of 18 th century. Only leather of scabbard have been changed too bad. This sword is a good sample. Total length 97 cm. Type of sword used before revolution till Empire by most of officers.

Global length 92 cm, blade 76 cm. Leather of scabbard is new.. First type had no balls on extremities of cross, and no crown to top it. This type was used from middle of , till april Sold without ribbon. Created by king Henri IV in Attributed to all marshalls and most important people. Silver thread on silver spangles. Eagle in silverplated brass.

This decoration was sewed on court coat and is extremely rare. Impressive size: 15 cm. Can be used for a presentation. Silver embroideries. A painting by Bose represents Louis XVI with the same decoration, with a gold bird instead of silver. This medal is a copy of these particular medals. Made in France from a very ancient mould. Dimensions of eagle: 29 X 32 mm.

You, who took part to re enactments more than10 years long, you surely merit this decoration!


Wood is stamped with a nice cock. Baionett corresponds to type rifle. Numerous stamps from a private supplier. All metal pieces have been varnished many years ago and colour is now brown, we began to take off this varnish to show that it is in perfect condition under this lay Less expensive than a copy and bayonet is included.

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Thick canon, everything is working, only baguette to clean rifle is lacking. Weight: 3,5 kgr, length cm, canon cm.