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Brown -Brindle 24 Contemporary J. Brown -American Dream Contemporary J. Hansen Fields - The Pride contemporary Faydra D. Buy Yourself a Life! Child -Not Yet A Woman. Danielle -His Perfect One J. Shirer -The Finishers fantasy George R.

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From crusade to disaster. Historical saga Anthony A Roberts - War makes strange bedfellows. Historical World War 2. Smith- Baby Rocket Stephanie A. The Possible by Tara Altebrando Ages 13—up Kaylee Novell 17 has managed to keep her past secret until the producer of a podcast called The Possible appears at her door. Four years old at the time, Kaylee was the prime witness for the prosecution. Does her mother really have telekinetic powers? Has she inherited those powers? What really did happen thirteen years ago? Before her relocation she is reunited with a long-lost elderly relative in Kansas.

Adri discovers a postcard dating back to when Lenore in England is dealing with the death of her beloved brother in WWI and about to set sail for a new life in America. In Oklahoma, Catherine discovers the same postcard as her family is struggling through the economic uncertainties of the Dust Bowl. Then she meets Peter Pan in the forbidden woods of Neverland, and falls in love. The two teenagers are in the midst of sorting out their feelings about love, responsibility, freedom, and power, when a strange girl from England arrives.

This dark retelling of the Peter Pan story is narrated by Tinker Bell. Then someone begins killing teenaged girls, and the quiet little town suddenly seems menacing. Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson Ages 10—up As the Revolutionary War begins, year-old Isabel and her 5-year-old sister Ruth are about to be freed from slavery by the will of their Rhode Island mistress.

However, the unscrupulous heir prevents the reading of the will and the girls are soon the property of an abusive Loyalist couple in New York.

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Isabel agrees to spy for the Patriots in exchange for passage back to Rhode Island for herself and her sister. This well researched exploration of the treatment of slaves is contained in a gripping story. After staying for a few months in New Jersey, Isabel runs away to find her sister, a quest Curzon feels is futile.

Curzon joins the army, passing as a freed slave, and suffers through the harsh winter at Valley Forge. His fragile acceptance is threatened when his owner arrives. Readers will be anxious to read the final book in the trilogy to learn the fate of Curzon and Isabel. Now 12, Ruth has been cared for by the other plantation slaves, and has no use for her sister.

Taking Ruth and Aberdeen, an escaped slave from the plantation, they head north to Williamsburg, Virginia, where patriots are preparing for an assault on Yorktown. This gripping story is a satisfying conclusion to the Seeds of America trilogy Chains , Forge. For the past five years Hayley and her father have been on the road, as he struggles to escape the flashbacks of his service in Iran and Afghanistan. This difficult and engrossing novel also touches on self-mutilation and dysfunctional families.

Anderson Ages 14—up Octavian, a black youth in Revolution-era America, is raised in a Boston household of radical philosophers. He is given a classical education and kept with his mother, an African princess, in comfort. As he matures, Octavian realizes he is an experiment to discover the intellectual capability of Africans. When his mother dies, Octavian runs away and joins the Patriot army. Though written in 18th century language in the form of letters, this powerful novel raises contemporary issues of racism, human rights, the causes of war, and the struggle of an individual to define himself.

Octavian soon realizes that his liberation is not a moral decision, but a political expediency. As the Revolutionary War, explodes around him, Octavian struggles with ideals of liberty and his own personal growth in this fascinating perspective on our national origins. Landscape with Invisible Hand by M. The vuvv offer advanced technology and cures for all diseases, which everyone is eager to purchase.

So Adam and his girlfriend Chloe broadcast an exaggerated pay-per-view nostalgic version of their romance, which the vuvv are eager to purchase. Yvain: The Knight of the Lion by M. Anderson Ages 12—up Tina and her mother are refugees from the Congo. In Sangui City, Kenya, her mother finds work as a maid in the home of Roland Greyhill, a prominent businessman whose fortune was made from a life of corruption and crime. When her mother is murdered, Tina is sure Greyhill is responsible, but no one listens to the refugee girl.

Homeless, she is recruited by the Goondas, a gang of orphans and street kids, and trained to become a thief.

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Sylvie loves to run, and is always trying to run farther and faster than ever before. When she disappears while running in a Vermont forest to throw a wish rock into the river, everyone except Jules believes she is dead. Meanwhile, a shadow fox, half real and half spirit, is born. The fox also loves to run. Alternate chapters are narrated from the perspectives of Jules and the fox. Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate Ages 10—14 Jackson 10 , his parents, and his younger sister are about to be evicted again.

Then Crenshaw, a seven-foot talking cat reappears for the first time in three years. Jackson was sure he had outgrown Crenshaw, and is both pleased and concerned that Crenshaw has returned to offer playful antics to amuse him as well as thought-provoking answers to his questions and worries.