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Praised be God for you who make this site available. It is a great comfort in hard times, when I am alone and discouraged.

1% - Reflections and Inspiration

Here I touch base again and find peace. One of the positives of being retired after an enjoyable and fulfilling professional life, is, I have more time to reflect. My days now are not complete without starting it with Sacred Space. Even as a non-Catholic, it offers me a means of prayer and peace to help me through these difficult times.

I check in most days. Thanks for your words from Jesus directly to my heart. Sacred Space continues to inspire! Blessings on all those who work behind the scenes to make this website possible. I read beautiful things, thank you. Began my early morning prayers. Then it was time for my Sacred Space. It truly was a Sacred Space for me.

45 Life Lessons Written by a 90-Year-Old Woman

Sacred Space is my daily source of inspiration. I am not a practicing Catholic or Christian but your guided prayer is a constant source of strength and comfort. Thank you for offering this ministry of Sacred Space and making it so accessible. I value Sacred Space highly and it is a great source of prayerful reflection for which I am truly grateful. I treasure Sacred Space and Living Space as an important part of my prayer life particularly in trying to fulfill the message in the current thought for the week.

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Thank you for the have you provide. I thank you so much also because of tough times I have been through with 2 family bereavements in the last 12 months. I found this website and its helpful content consoling and comforting. I really love the Scared Space site, so thank you so much. I cherish the commentaries especially on the first reading. Many thanks. You have changed my life! Very helpful page, where I can connect to Jesus and God! I am thankful that it exists and thank you for renewing it every day.

Reflection 132: The Incomprehensible God

I find this site so helpful, like a friend whom I trust, who will be there when I need to talk — want to hear — from the Church, from the Lord. This is one of the places I always go. May , Like so many, thank you. Grateful appreciation for this for sacred space and Sacred Heart Messenger which my family have received for so many years. Thanks be to God. I thank you that when I am weak, that you support me in going to the Lord for strength. There have been so much blessings that came our way as a family. Sometimes my prayers are not answered the way I wanted them but rather answered in the best way possible.

Surely God is our Father who is always watching over us and has the plan that is greater than ours. To God be the glory! Thank you for praying for me and my family. Give them courage and strength to continue. I use this site for 15 years, it gave me tremendous help. I particularly like the wide variety of texts, each with their own insights, with many thanks for these inspiring prayers and meditations. It begins my day after watching the Mass or doing the daily readings.

Thank you again for the joy you provide. Sacred Space and Living Space have been something I use every day with other things. It has been a part of my prayer time for a number of years. Sacred Space creates a holy and enriching space in the busy and the hectic days of week. It is truly a nourishing experience that you come to encounter the living God in the moments of life. Jesus in his personhood touches and enlivens us as we go through the spaces of spiritual consciousness and it enables us to be aware of the ups and downs of life.

May the God almighty bless all those who are behind this endeavour. I give thanks for all the efforts of those behind Sacred Space. It is a resource that I return to time after time. I am grateful for the variety and depth of prayers and commentaries available throughout the year. In the times when it has been difficult to practice my faith, this site has always been my mainstay and has brought me back to God.

Thank you for the Scripture and prayers today. I like returning to Sacred Space to begin my day, and as I slowly awake, my world expands. I am not Catholic but have benefitted so much from the daily engagement with Sacred Space. I have recommended it to many friends. It is wonderful to think of all the beautiful people around the world who use this site. May God bless us all, including those who make the space sacred.

Thank you for the Lenten Retreat. I am sorry to see it end. Please consider adding others throughout the year. And, thank you for Sacred Space! A dear Jesuit spiritual director referred me to this site many years ago and I am grateful to the Irish Jesuits for sharing the fruits of your labours.

PAST LIFE Connections: Ep 26 Soul Reflections: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)

The commentaries are a continual source of nourishment and they are shared during Lent in small groups who prayerfully read and discuss the Sunday Scripture passages. The Sacred Space daily prayer is often the only way I can manage to pray in the difficult times I am going through. However stressed and preoccupied I am, this prayer calms my mind and soul, even if only for a few minutes.

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I have used this site for many years, it has helped me though some sad times. I appreciate the Living Space in particular.

I have been greatly inspired by the in-depth knowledge and insights contained in the commentaries to the readings found in Sacred Space. I thank all those who are instrumental in making this available to me. A stop, a break, a pause. A call out of myself and the busy, never stopping day.

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A moment of sacredness, of breathing with God. I love Sacred Space because it simplifies prayer for me and helps me to concentrate which is something I find difficult to do in prayer.