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Tuvallis, once a soldier, now a mountain man hiding from his past, finds himself on a path to redemption where his sword, and courage, will face the menacing threat.

Glimmer in the Shadow

Hagar the ogrillion, half-orc and half-ogre, follows his heart, soon finding himself entrenched in war, fighting not just the evil that he hates, but also the very nature and prejudices towards what he is, bearing all the way a mantle of courage and hope rarely found in men, let alone his race. Jonas Kanrene, cavalier to Shyann, completed his first mission. But at what cost?

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Men and women died along the way, but King Kromm of Tarsis, and his family, was plucked from Malbeck's clawed fist and brought to Finarth, the place where they will make their stand against the darkness of the Forsworn. Jonas himself must face an internal threat of such magnitude that it either kills him, or changes him forever.

The pounding of orc boots echo off the walls of Finarth as sixty thousand howling monsters stand before the city walls.

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Heroes' gather, knights and soldiers prepare for war, ordinary farmers lift pitted swords dusty from idleness. But will it be enough to face the might of the Forsworn and their general, the one who carries the Shan Cemar, the ancient elven book of magic?

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