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I particularly enjoyed being a Welshman I suppose the use of place names based on Welsh pronunciation and could recognise modern Welsh equivalent names for many of the towns and castles mentioned in the book. Perhaps the most telling thing is that, on finishing the book, I wanted more. I wanted to know what happened to Ewan and Thaney. Huge numbers of books are now flying off the shelves! Well, all right, a couple Get one while they last! Now available on Amazon.

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Now available to order here. I have the latest proof in my hands, and apart from a couple of minor changes, it's good to go! Where am I? Why am I lying here?

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Information about Page Insights Data. Cover of Ewan's Sword. Special promotions available on Amazon for both books. Might they not be obsolete? An old paradigm of relating that promises to end all relating?

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Some hints and pointers: People who inherit, gravitate to, are elected to, or seize, dominant roles, tell stories about reality that justify their tyrannies. People who have been disinherited, side-lined, abused or exploited also tell stories that often justify or rationalize their victimhood. The extent to which the media mirrors through which we know ourselves socially are in the hands of dominant corporate tyrants tends to mean that victimhood is seen as due to failure and weakness. A key element of how dominance plays out is dissociation. Tyrannies hide from themselves the damage that arises out of dominance, or if it cannot be hidden, it is held to be due to the weakness and failure on the part of subordinates.

And where does love feature in all this? So far as love is defined as the active mutual pursuit of flourishing with Others— it requires the absence of coercion and force. Learning to love, learning to live from love, thus requires that we also confront our inner tyrants, that we move to eliminate our use of force and coercion and work to build the skills and emotional competence that negotiation and cooperation require.

There are 0 writeback comments for this entry. So far as we become aware of this distortion of human potential in ourelves, we do what we can to rectify it.

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And then comes another question, how do we help ensure that our children or grandchildren don't be come affected I was going to say infected by the cultures of dominance that we inhabit? Many perhaps most, seeing the 'jobs', 'career', 'qualifications', writing on the wall shutdown creativity, imagination and self-direction, and get on the hoop-jumping that is demanded.

So if this is the prospect for your child what do you do? I asked him to tell me how he did it.

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I have had 7 or so years experience of the Steiner schools movement now, since undertaking my first, Steiner Class Teacher training in the late s. As well as being involved in the founding of a new Steiner school here in Norwich over the same time period, I am a trustee of a major and long-established Steiner teacher training course and a regularly published writer on educational issues. I could say a great deal about both of these motivations, as I personally identify strongly with both of these influences. Geographically, 7 years ago there were just two other Steiner schools in the whole of East Anglia — a small one in rural Norfolk and a larger one in Cambridge.

I know a number of families who have actually changed careers and life-styles in order to relocate their family so that they live near a Steiner school — there must be literally hundreds if not thousands of families who have done this over the years. Norwich is a very independently minded part of the country, with lots of radical thinking people — the kind of medium-sized city that is a potentially ideal location for a Steiner school.

But needless to say — founding a new school which is independent of the state system, and which has to be entirely self-financing through the efforts of people who are commonly not materialistic people with lots of spare wealth at their disposal, is far far more easily said than done! But I guess your next question will perhaps take us more into the actual process of founding our school — though of course and as Steiner himself always emphasised , schools are always and necessarily unique.

But first, a bit about Rudolf Steiner himself and the educational system he spawned, as a kind of mystique often surrounds the man, which it is best to demystify at the outset. So flexible and adaptable has the Waldorf educational approach proved to be in different cultural conditions that it is represented in countries and continents the world over. Steiner also saw education as very much a living creative art rather than as a programmatic science, with human relationship being an absolutely central aspect of any educational experience.

For Steiner, education at its best is also seen as being an intrinsically healing force for the child — and sometimes for the teacher too.

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Freedom is, therefore, a central aspect of the education — not least, freedom from the quasi-authoritarian ideology that, almost unnoticed, dominates so much conventional schooling. Finally, Steiner was a fierce defender of the right to a childhood unburdened by imposed and misguided adult-centric agendas. Steiner was a relentless scourge of the one-sided materialism that prevailed in his day, and he brought a spiritually informed perspective to his educational worldview, which viewed the human being as far more than a material body.

Between birth and seven, for example, the child learns predominantly through imitation, repetition, rhythmical activity and free, unhindered play; and its main task is the unconscious development of the will in a milieu of reverence. In this schema, formal, intellectual learning is strictly avoided until the change of teeth between six and seven , and Steiner stressed how the introduction of formal, abstract learning e.

This is indeed a common experience — that modern scientific research announces allegedly newly discovered knowledge about human development, yet which on closer examination, Steiner had himself systematically articulated in the early decades of the last century. There is a lack of competitive testing and examinations in Waldorf education; and the intrinsically holistic approach in Waldorf education means that teaching is always done from the whole to the part , and not the other way around — thereby providing an antidote to the mechanistic reductionism of the modernist worldview.

Here are just a few quotations from Steiner on education which give a flavour of his philosophy:. We experiment with the child because we can no longer approach his heart and soul. For this reason the teacher should have no hard and fast didactic system.

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And without this love it is utterly impossible to attain to a knowledge of man which could form the basis of a true art of education. This is why… education… must study the human being as a whole from birth until death. With us everything depends on the free individuality of each single teacher… Classes are entrusted entirely to the individuality of the class teacher;… what we seek to achieve must be achieved in the most varied ways.

It is never a question of external regulations. It cannot truly be described, it must be experienced. It will be pretty clear from the above discussion just what kind of motivations underpin our disillusionment with modern mainstream schooling systems and our desire to create something better for our children. Where to start?! These trends are, moreover, widely observable in the educational systems of Western world. In England, for example, we read in the Times Educational Supplement of 17 th January that reception teachers are now having to work their way through no less than 3, boxes to tick, as they are forced to assess every child against a staggering criteria.

This is nothing short of a national scandal, at which future, more enlightened generations will surely look back aghast at our wilful neglect of what really matters in living a healthy life. One common effect of these disturbing trends is what can be called the dismembering of childhood cf. Certainly, there are new Steiner education initiatives springing up all over the UK at the moment, so what we are doing here in Norwich, while of course unique, is just a part of a far wider cultural impulse.

Among the techniques prohibited to ethical hypnotists but wielded effectively in the induction of consensus trance are: the enormous amount of time devoted to the induction years to a lifetime , the use of physical force, emotional force, love and validation, guilt, and the instinctive trust children have for their parents.

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As they learn myriad versions of 'the right way to do things' -- and the things not to do -- from their parents, children build and continue to maintain a mental model of the world, a filter on their reality lens that they learn to perceive everything through except partially in dreams. The result leaves most people in an automatized daze. Tart, C. Waking Up, Boston: Shambhala, Nor, Collins implied, can they, coming out of a mind set formed in a royal court, reform themselves God of our fathers, Whose almighty hand Leads forth in beauty all the starry band Of shining worlds in splendor through the skies Our grateful songs before Thy throne arise.

Refresh Thy people on their toilsome way, Lead us from night to never ending day; Fill all our lives with love and grace divine, And glory, laud, and praise be ever Thine. It takes a year to build it. Sometimes a hundred years. And there are some houses that have always been there. How long does it take to demolish a house? Less time than is spent thinking about whether it should have been demolished. How much time is spent thinking about whether to demolish? Less time than the ring of the phone ordering the demolition. One shove and its gone.

A hole gapes in the familiar landscape and the family that had substance and a name and an address and human beings of all ages and relationships —has in the blink of an eye become an example…. At night, no one sees where the destroyed family has gone.