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Bonus points for Duke applicants. The Price of Admission by Daniel Golden The second of two essential books in this category, this one focuses on the effect of money in the admissions process. Superbly written and extremely revealing in every regard. I did enjoy the stories.

Grade: B. Grade: C. Decent book but with another limited usefulness if you have read others.

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Grade: B-. Getting Into Yale by Josh Berezin Written by a then current Yale student, it is a testimonial about his successful quest for his dream school. Much better info is available from the testimonials here on College Confidential. With less Josh. Hernandez, EdD. People love to hate former Dartmouth adcom Michelle Hernandez, and after reading this book and some minor contact with her company I understand why. However, if your kid has Ivy aspirations, you really should read this book, as it is the most well-known of this category, primarily for first revealing the Academic Index formula every Ivy applicant gets.

Criticized for being a profiteering tool and a bit long in the tooth, it still is very worth reading. I really liked this book and I think you will also.

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However, do not expect a magic formula for admission to be revealed here or in any book because as you all know, such a formula does not exist. There are so many books of this type I recommend this one if you also get the one above for consistency. Hernandez first. I feel sorry she wasted an entire weekend typing it. Since she is a writing professor, Ms. Toor knows how to teach the craft.

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The book relies heavily on vernacular to appeal to young people and has a bit of profanity so if that bothers you look elsewhere but the advice inside is very sound. Despite all those qualities both my children refused to read it or any other book like it!

But if you are looking for essay advice I do give this my strongest recommendation. The authors, a Harvard Professor, a Harvard Economist and a former Wesleyan admissions Dean were given access to non-public elite admissions data for over , applications. The book is very readable and has many conclusions, but IMHO the most important 2 conclusions are that 1 Early Decision programs benefit the institution more than the applicant; but despite that 2 it benefits the applicant immensely, and the advantage is the equivalent of a hundred additional points on the combined S. A real eye opener for me!

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Let me try and say something nice about it My bad. Fetter Bought this one used and got the cool library hardcover I fetishize… but this is one of the few I bought that I decide not to finish.

I mean, make up your mind! Well that seals it then! Playing the Private College Admissions Game by Richard Moll First published in , this once unique volume was last updated in , so there are probably better choices. My older one has lots of data in it that is more historically interesting than useful Grade: C-. The main problem it has is something pointed out almost daily here: the CC community is not representative of the general population so the self-reported data from the results threads must be read with that in mind.

The book is also quite thin and badly desktop-published. A completely acceptable book for the newbie, though. Despite its exploitation of Triskaidekaphobia, the advice is solid, and probably a decent read for checking your work before submission. Also full of sound advice and has a more practical tone than some others. Not mine. Grade: Kill it with fire. Nice idea, but in my opinion, not really a very effective format or a very useful book. Grade: F. Not a terrible book, but I am not sure how practical it is. How much can you learn by only studying the winners?

There are 50 of them.

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Yes it seems most of the applicants listed are different. Yes I know it is confusing and you would think Harvard editors would be smarter marketers. Well, not if you read this!

Grade: C-. My kids and I are very sophomoric, and we got a kick out of the fact that a web photo shows Mr. Bauld is… well… Grade: A-. It is a collection of essays written by professors from top LACs about why they love them and think your kid should attend one. Some of these professors are amazing and the kind we all want our kids to have. If you are LAC-curious, this book will help. I cherry-picked the chapters for admissions advice but looking at the book today I think I will give it a comprehensive read.

I am certain the folks here who love the impassioned discussions not debates! Not a bad book despite that, and a good choice for anyone who is hellbent on a particular window sticker.

However I think most here would agree there are better educational choices for most students. Rothman This is a humor book that actually is kinda funny.

The Golden Rule of College Transfers

It is well designed and with good illustrations — well, clipart — throughout. I do have close friends with them though so I thought I would read so I could be informed; but this book scared the heck out of me and I did not pass it on to them. Lo and behold many of the horror stories came true for my friends family also such as coaches leaving and new coaches not honoring commitments. Well written and researched and with named sources, this book is essential reading for anyone with an athlete. Touts massive online open courses MOOCs which sound great here but I have seen other documents of how they are usually failures.

This is a serious read, and more for someone interested in the higher education system as a whole than learning about colleges and admissions. Two main points are things you learn your first day on College Confidential: 1.

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College is too damned expensive and 2. Student Debt is a killer and should be avoided at almost all costs. The book also makes a point that I believe is true but that makes me very uncomfortable: That this system is unintentionally or not making it difficult for economic-class movement for many people. I think it is time I read this comprehensively so stay tuned. Grade: TBD.

Bowen and Derek Bok The essential book on race and admissions and that is all I will say here!.