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The Cyber Security Body Of Knowledge

Definitions of common terms related to usability and user-centered design. You may also note that certain words on this site have a light underline. Hover over them - they allow you to see glossary definitions without leaving the page.

Body of Knowledge: New Machine Can See Bones, Organs in Stunning Detail

We need the help of volunteers to refine and extend the content. If you are interested in contributing, please fill out the volunteer form.

Search Search this site:. Explore the content that is available, and then consider volunteering to add more content! What you will find in the Usability BoK Major topic areas include: Methods This section of the Usability BoK presents descriptions of methods, including procedures, resources needed, outcomes, appropriate uses, benefits, and costs. Design This section of the Usability BoK presents patterns, principles, and guidelines on interaction design , information design, graphical design, and interface design, which have evolved over time from foundations in HCI and other design disciplines.

Managing UX As our profession has matured, we have developed common strategies and approaches for dealing with organizational challenges, from marketing usability to integration with existing processes to managing a large and diverse usability department.

Body of Knowledge (BOK)

Other useful sections What is Usability? Glossary Definitions of common terms related to usability and user-centered design. Printer-friendly version.

Site Map What is Usability? How You Can Help We need the help of volunteers to refine and extend the content.

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Individuals who are new to systems engineering can start with Use Case 0: Systems Engineering Novices. Articles in the SEBoK can be found by using the Search field in the upper right corner of each page, as well as through the Quicklinks , Outline , and Navigation menus in the left margin of each page. As a living document, at the bottom of each page, version identification can be found in a link called " About the SEBoK.

Comments can be left on any page of the current SEBoK version using the embedded comment feature. Comments on pages will will be reviewed by the editors and considered for the next iteration.

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You may also view the current Editorial Board and contact editors directly about the materials in their areas of responsibility. All review comments and other updates are managed under an update process, discussed in the next section. As the SEBoK is a not compendium, but instead references existing literature, much of the content has restricted intellectual property rights. This copyright information is placed on each page, and must be respected.

Welcome to the Usability Body of Knowledge | Usability Body of Knowledge

Materials marked as "used with permission" may not be used unless the user seeks independent permission from the copyright owner. The SEBoK is like Wikipedia in its most fundamental structure, as it is a collection of electronic articles built on MediaWiki technology. By contrast, Wikipedia is a much more open wiki, allowing virtually anyone to change any article while reserving the right to undo changes that are offensive or otherwise violate Wikipedia's rules.

Tight control over SEBoK content is a trade-off. Curation ensures a stable baseline whose quality and integrity are assured by its editors. Volunteer authors from the worldwide SE community continue to propose and create new content and other volunteers review that new content.

Body of Knowledge

Email may be sent to bkcase. Jump to: navigation , search. Welcome to SEBoK v.