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Three good reasons to try to memorize a few of the following common Italian expressions and phrases and learn how the Italians do speak about the weather. Che tempaccio! Soffia un vento gelido e piove a dirotto , meglio rimanere a casa! Oggi si muore di caldo. Ieri ha piovuto senza tregua tutto il giorno.

Che tempo pazzerello! Che bel tempo, speriamo che regga — what a nice weather, hopefully, it will hold up. The kitchen in Italy is, without any doubts, the most favorite room in an Italian household. Having a big, bright and fully-equipped kitchen is the dream of every one of us! Why so? The kitchen for Italians is not just a place where you get some food ready and run off.

It is a place devoted to the creation of something. Thus, a practical and welcoming atmosphere is a must-have. Italians, unlikely other cultures, tend to consume their meals in the kitchen, where you can often find also a couch and a TV. Hence, it comes as no surprise the kitchen is probably the room where the Italian spend most of their time when at home. Knowing the Italian names of the objects and the everyday actions carried out when cooking a meal will surely come you into handy when visiting your friends in Italy or taking your Italian cookery course in Tuscany.

This is why I have put together this list of s entences related to the kitchen and cooking , which you would hardly find in any textbooks. And to end with the bang, if your Italian is already fabulous, but you want to speak like a pro, try to use these four food-related expressions:. If you like yoga and you are learning Italian, this list will come in handy when traveling to Italy. Joining a local yoga group or a yoga retreat in Italy is a beautiful experience to practice your Italian in a real-life situation while practicing one of your favorite activity. The list covers some of the most common Italian words and sentences you would be likely to hear while practicing yoga in Italy.

Below the list, you can find a PDF download of the phrases and the Quizlet flashcards and games I created to help you to memorize the phrases. I hope you will enjoy it! If you need some tips and tricks to study Italian vocabulary, feel free to consult my article about 8 strategies to build up Italian Vocabulary fast and well.

The odds are that you find your self talking about the joys and pains of language learning. If so, I am pretty sure that, from time to time, you see yourself engaged in a conversation with your tutor or friends where the trending topic is studying a language! Well, this is why you should get a good grasp of some common Italian sentences related to the world of language learning. Do you need some tips and trick on how to learn Italian vocabulary efficiently?

Consult my article about 8 strategies to boost up your Italian vocabulary fast and well. If you found this list useful, take the chance to make your flashcards out of the list or use the Quizlet flashcard below. You can download the PDF and store in your files or print it out, by clicking on the link below.

Molte altre parole prestate dai cugini francesi fanno parte del lessico della gastronomia. Sono numerosissime le parole francesi di uso comune in italiano, che si riferiscono al mondo dei vesiti come la salopette , la culotte , il gilet , il papillon , il tailleur , il bustier , i collant. If you want to compliment someone on their achievements, you can say:. Che Bravo! Good job! Excellent job!


If you want to compliment somebody in the specific circumstances of a wedding or graduation or a promotion at work, you can easily say:. Congratulazioni te lo sei meritato! Congratulations you deserved it! Complimenti per il traguardo!

Congratulations for the achievement! If you want to make a physical appreciation, you can use the formula:. Che bravo studente! Good student! Che begli occhi!

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What a nice eyes! Che bel bambino!

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What a beautiful kid! If you want to make any kind appreciation, you can use the formula:. Come sei bella oggi!

Musica Rilassante della Tradizione Italiana - Musica Regionale

How beautiful you are today! Come sei stato bravo oggi! How good you were today!

Come parli bene italiano! You speak Italian really well! Come guidi bene! You drive really well! If you want to compliment someone for their appearance or looking in a good shape :. Stai proprio bene! You look great! Sei in forma! You are in good shape! You are in great shape!

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Il vestito ti sta benissimo! The dress fits you very well!

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Questo taglio di capelli ti sta da Dio! This new haircut suits you very very well! Ti sta bene questa gonna! This skirt suits you! Trovarsi means to find yourself , o better to find yourself in a place. What do you know about Sicilian? And so, is Sicilian a language or a dialect?

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What is a dialect? What is a language? So, a dialect is an alteration of Italian. Is Sicilian language different from Italian? Where is Sicilian spoken? Are Sicilians bilingual? Do I need to know Sicilian to travel to Sicily? Or do I need to speak the local dialects when traveling or living in Italy? How can I learn Sicilian?

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Loving something or to do something How to say that I love something or doing something Italian? Love toward friends and family How to say I love you to a friend of the family in Italian? Being in love Speaking of which, how to say in Italian that you are in love with someone?

Ti amo profondamente — I am deeply in love with you lit. Sono follemente innamorato di te — I am crazily in love with you lit. How to say the time in Italian correctly I am writing this article because I believe that talking about the time is one of those topics you can use to break the ice or start a small talk in Italian or when in Italy.