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Francos is admitted to practice only in Buenos Aires; not engaged in the practice of law in the District of Columbia. Law asked Eric Lewis and other law firm leaders about the most common career blunders they see new attorneys make. John Moscow spoke to Law regarding the investigation of Tyco International by the Manhattan district attorney's office under Robert Morgenthau. An amended complaint filed in Miami-Dade County alleges that Amicorp, an international trust services company, actively participated in a multi-million-dollar real estate fraud which victimized many Latin American families.

The podcast debuted on May 30, Through the Noise is a podcast that explores hurdles, solutions and the process of cultivating success for nonprofits through conversations with executive directors, CEOs and other nonprofit professionals. Colleges and universities must recognize the risk of potential corruption in their admissions process, and build intelligent controls to guard against fraud. Middlemiss explains that schools should employ cost-efficient compliance measures and warns of the dangers in failing to do so.

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Art Middlemiss heads a team of attorneys representing Good Morning America Co-Anchor, Lara Spencer against the fraudulent use of her name and likeness in skincare ads. That's a fraud.

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According to an amended complaint filed against Amicorp, the trust services company participated with other trust companies, individuals, and an international bank to facilitate a massive real estate Ponzi scheme that led to huge losses to trust beneficiaries. In the News November 20, Solutions for Change employee quits over 'inappropriate' request.

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Poly Prep sued again for allegedly covering up sexual assault. Rob Abruzzese Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Zack Fink Spectrum News. Meet the Manhattan district attorney doing battle with President Trump in court. Ann E. Bloomberg News. Arthur Middlemiss and Marc Scholl Law Sue Reisinger Corporate Counsel. Jim Rendon The Chronicle of Philanthopy.

Long Beach hired former federal prosecutor amid payout probes. Anthony Rifilato LI Herald. Aebra Coe Law Program Venue: Frankfurt Kurnit. Nicole Hyland speaks on an ethics panel about the ethical implications of using the cloud, social media, and other technological developments. Nicole Hyland speaks on a panel about recent developments concerning the intra-firm attorney-client privilege. Nicole Hyland presents two ethics programs on conflicts of interest and social media ethics at Fordham Law School's Bridge-the-Gap program.

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Program venue: Fordham University School of Law. Nicole Hyland moderates an ethics panel regarding the ethical implications of handling client funds, including opening and managing escrow accounts, the IOLA program, and the New York Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection.

Nicole Hyland speaks on a panel hosted by the Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers in San Francisco, California about the legal ethics of blogging, social networking, and List Serv. View Article. J-M Manufacturing Co. Minkoff on whether alleged hush payments to Stormy Daniels violated the rules of professional conduct. Law quoted Nicole Hyland on when communications between a law firm and an investigator it hires may be protected by the attorney-client privilege.

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Recently the New York State Bar Ethics Committee issued a pair of opinions about the limitations on a lawyer's ability to take advantage of certain on-line legal marketing services. Carl A.

Nicole Hyland

A New York appeals court gave attorneys a reason to celebrate just before the July 4th holiday weekend. Anyone who has ever had to litigate a dispute knows how important the attorney-client privilege is.

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Law quoted Nicole Hyland on potential law firm liability and ethics rules exposure arising from database breaches. Law quoted Nicole Hyland on the question whether a law firm can pay a client in exchange for a waiver of a potential conflict of interest. Law firms often struggle to determine when the rules of professional conduct permit representation of clients who compete in the marketplace. When is it OK, for example, to represent clients with competing patents, trademarks, or copyrights?

A recent Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court case provides important guidance for IP lawyers -- particularly those representing clients with patents. As hurricane Joaquin barrels towards the Northeast, New York lawyers may be reminded of the damage caused by Superstorm Sandy as well as other recent disasters. Super Lawyers listed thirty-five Frankfurt Kurnit attorneys in its edition.

Law quoted Nicole Hyland on what Mylan Inc. Kirkland Ellis LLP could mean for conflict waivers. For a variety of reasons, some New York lawyers choose to practice "virtually" - that is, they conduct their business primarily over the Internet, rather than through a physical law office. The article which is behind a paywall quoted Ms. Hyland saying: "Law firms are ethically permitted to use PEOs, subject to certain guidelines.

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The law firm must scrutinize the PEO Agreement carefully to make sure that it does not interfere with the lawyers' ethical obligations. In a decision with far reaching implications for law firms and their clients, the New York Court of Appeals firmly rejected the application of the "unfinished business" doctrine - an important principle of partnership law - to lawyers and law firms.

Law recently quoted Nicole Hyland on social media marketing for lawyers. In the current legal and economic climate, some lawyers are using - or considering using - so-called "virtual law offices". The Long Island Business Journal quoted Nicole Hyland on the importance of lawyers using caution when communicating on social media.

The American Bar Association published Nicole Hyland 's article on ethical considerations for in-house counsel. VentureBeat quoted Nicole Hyland on the legal ethics of cloud computing. City of New York , issued a ruling on a question that has long bedeviled civil rights and employment lawyers - and their clients.

In a decision last week Melcher v. Greenberg Traurig LLP , New York's highest court, gave a big boost to plaintiffs wanting to sue lawyers for committing intentional fraud and deceit in the course of a court proceeding. Bloomberg BNA quoted Nicole Hyland on an opinion released this month by the New York City Bar's Ethics Committee regarding ethics rules for lawyers contemplating creative arrangements with nonlegal organizations. In the current legal and economic climate, some lawyers are considering business arrangements with non-legal entities. A new ethics opinion by the Committee on Professional Ethics of the New York City Bar Association discusses important ethical issues raised by such business ventures.

Our work as professional responsibility attorneys over the past year has given us a front row seat to the most bedeviling ethical conundrums faced by lawyers. In our final Ethics Alert of , we re-cap six important developments for New York-area lawyers, along with tips for staying on the right side of the line. The purchaser in a corporate merger owns the seller's pre-merger communications with its lawyer, according to a recent Delaware decision.

A recent New York City Bar Professional Ethics Committee opinion offers important new guidance to New York law firms on use of the "of counsel" title for lawyers who work in foreign countries. The opinion states that a New York law firm can designate as "of counsel" a New York attorney who resides and practices law overseas, provided the firm complies with three criteria. Increasingly, lawyers are faced with questions about whether they should advise clients about the use of social media.

While news reports and ethics opinions have focused primarily on lawyers' social media use, the issue of client counseling has received less attention. Now, a new ethics Opinion by the New York County Lawyers Association concludes that lawyers may ethically counsel clients about their use of social media, including, in some circumstances, advising them to "take down" social media content.

Professional Negligence News quoted Nicole Hyland in an article about the judicious use of electronic social media. NEWSgrist quoted Nicole Hyland on her recent "victory not only for artistic expression, but for the legal system as well. Data security breaches are in the news, and companies that experience them are suffering loss of consumer confidence.

If your business model requires you to collect personal consumer data, you may want to hear about a recent federal case that makes it much easier for consumers to sue companies for data security breaches. Nicole Hyland. Looking for additional information? Find out what else we do at Frankfurt Kurnit. And how we can help.